MAC Football Tiebreaker

Divisional Champions

The divisional championship shall be decided on conference winning percentage. If two or more teams are tied for the championship, they shall be considered divisional co-champions. The following tie-breaking formula shall be used to determine which team will represent that division in the MAC Championship game:


1. Head-to-head competition

a. In the event of a multiple-team (two or more teams) tie, the team with the best head-to-head record amongst the tied teams wins the tie-breaker;


b. In a two-team tie, head-to-head competition will be the first criteria;


c. If two teams did not play, the second criteria is used to break the tie;


            2. Record of tied teams within the division [versus rank order, highest to lowest, of division teams]

                        a. The above tie-breaker procedure is used to determine rank order in the division;


b. Team(s) eliminated in the second tie-breaker criterion are not included in further consideration in the tie- breaking formula;


c. Head-to-head competition is again used to break the tie between the remaining tied  teams.


            3. Comparison of conference winning percentage of cross-over opponents of tied teams;

a. Tie-breaker is awarded to the team whose cross-division opponents had the best cumulative conference winning percentage;


                        b. Head-to-head competition is used to break the tie between the two tied teams.


            4. If multiple teams remain tied, the final tie-breaker is as follows:

                        a. Record of tied teams versus cross-division opponents in rank order;


                        b. Head-to-head competition is used to break the tie between the two tied teams.

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